Thursday, December 10, 2009

How can I remove gloss paint from clothes?

My fella works in a warehouse and a tin of gloss paint was dropped and splashed all up his trousers. They are really dense cotton, almost denim, so they are very hard wearing.

I cant be bothered with scrubbing and fannying about, so I need a miracle cure!!!!How can I remove gloss paint from clothes?
put them in the bin love its a lost cause!How can I remove gloss paint from clothes?
There isn't one for Gloss !!!!
If it's dried then you could have a problem.

Try Swarfega. It's a waterless hand cleaner and degreaser which you should be able to get from a decent hardware shop or Halfords. It always works on emulsion and nearly always works on wet gloss paint.

Don't scrub or you'll ruin the fabric.
Baby Wipes! Removes it from hands anyway... Poor babies, must be strong stuff.
soak in white spirit straight away.
get some white spirits and rub it in to the paint stain it should work because thats what you would use to clean the paint brushes good luck
Tell him claim a new pair from his employer?
Lucy M got it right....but if the paint has already dried then you could have a problem removing all of it....good luck
White Spirit, then into the washing machine 30c if you put them on a higher temp , this will only make it harder to get out
Place the article to be cleaned on a clean white rag and dab the

stain with another white rag soaked in white spirit (first try on a hidden

part). Then wash normally


Sponge stains with turpentine, cleaning fluid

or paint remover. Pre-treat and wash in hot water. For old stains, sponge with

banana oil and then with non-flammable dry cleaning solvent. Wash again.

hope this helps

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