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What shadow and lip gloss would be best for me?

I have blondish/ light brown hair. My eyes change from blue, gree, and gray. My complexion is medium. Makeup recommendations please!What shadow and lip gloss would be best for me?
If your skin type is warm and hair color is blonde and your are looking for makeup tips, then this is the right place for you. Although you have a warm skin-tone, your overall look is quite delicate. This means you should opt for tawny, neutral shades of make-up and apply then with a light touch so you enhance your basic colouring. Here are some tips on how to apply makeup for Warm Skin and Blonde Hair.

How to Apply Makeup

1. Applying Moisturizer - After applying a light, tinted moisturizer, stroke concealer onto problem areas. Blondes tend to have fine skin, often prone to surfae thread veins. Cover these effectively with concealer, applied with a clean cotton bud.

2. Applying Powder - Dip a powder puff into loose powder and lightly press over the areas that are prone to oiliness. This will absorb excess oil throughout the day, and leave your skin beautifully matte. Dust off any excess.

3. Applying eyeshadow - Sweep peach eyeshadow over your entire eyelid. It will blend with your natural skin tone, but give a clean wide-eyed look to your make up.

4. Use an eyeshadow brush to work a tiny amount of soft brown eyeshadow into the crease of your eyelid to create depth and defination to your eyes. Sweep it out towards the outer corner of your eyes as well.

5. Applying Eye liner - Still using same brown eyeshadow, work a little underneath your lower lashes. This gives a softer effect than traditional kohl pencil or eyeliner. Finish with tow coats of brown or black mascara.

6. Applying lipstick - Apply a light shade of lipstick. Then apply blusher, sweeping it a little at a time over your cheeks, forehead and chin. You can even dust a little over the tip of your nose.

This Look and Makeup Tips suits you if -

* you have golden, warm blonde or dark blonde hair

* your eyes are brown, blue, hazel or green - it will work equally wellWhat shadow and lip gloss would be best for me?
you sound like me! i usually just wear gold or dark brown eyeshadow and dark brown mascara, i usually don't wear lipstick or lipgloss, but when i do i keep it light (peach, nude, ect)
Smokey brown eyeshadow will make blue eyes stand out nicely.. just a shiny lip gloss will look good.. maybe put on some blusher to bring out your cheekbones.

Can you use high-gloss paint as a whiteboard? how good of a quality is it?

If not... any alternatives for a whiteboard (other than an actual whiteboard). thanks!Can you use high-gloss paint as a whiteboard? how good of a quality is it?
Go to a lumberyard and buy a sheet of melamine covered masonite. It runs about $10-12 for a 4'x8' sheet and is easily cut to smaller size with a saw.

If you want some cheap molding, buy J-molding that will just slip right on.

How do I turn off silent mode on my Samsung Gloss?

It's one of those perfect square ones that you flip open. People say to press and hold # but nothing happens. I'll try to play a ringtone someone sent me or just listen to one and it says ';silent mode activated.'; I just got it a couple of days ago. Please be very specific.How do I turn off silent mode on my Samsung Gloss?
hold down the shift button at the bottom left corner and it will say exit silent mode then u can play ringtones
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  • Should I use semi gloss or Satin paint for my dining room?

    Which is mostly used in that area?Should I use semi gloss or Satin paint for my dining room?
    alot of times now a days people are painting there dining rooms with some pretty stunning colours so if this is the case i would use a matte finish. it is scrubbable and most paint companies off it now and if your drywall finish is not the best it will hide alot of imperfection. also make sure that you repair and cracks or popped screwheads and primer them and sand all of your walls and in between coatsShould I use semi gloss or Satin paint for my dining room?
    Go with a Satin. Semi gloss paints are way to shiny and will show every little imperfection on your walls. Do you want your house to look like the inside of an Amish home? That's all they use is semigloss. Plus it can be very difficult to paint with a semigloss as you may have to put 2-3 coats on to hide your roller marks. Good day.
    Definitely satin.
    Generally satin. But.... if you have kids and expect the walls to need washing alot, you might want to consider semi-gloss. More important is to use a good quality paint!!
    satin semi os too glossy shows imperfections
    Go with eggshell. It has a bit more sheen than satin, but not the glaring glossiness of a semigloss. Semigloss is used in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms - basically where you have a lot of moisture. The flatter a paint is, the more difficult it is to clean. So, there's another advantage of eggshell over satin.
    I believe that Satin is way prettier!! Go with it!!
    You are in a realm of personnal taste here, me, it would have to be satin, or egg shell. If you are going for a unique look, maybe something you have seen that you like, maybe a semi gloss will give you that look.

    Most modern paints all clean up well, it doesnt have to be glossy to clean up.

    good luck,

    I don't like shiny paint on interior walls, although I'll tolerate it in kitchens and baths because they need to be washable and/or moisture resistant.

    Go for the one closer to a matte finish. I think that's satin?
    Satin looks great, but semi-gloss is easier to clean if you have small children.
    John is right, going with semi or high gloss because it is more cleanable is a thing of the past. Most good quality paints are washable, even flat paints. The biggest considerations in choosing your finish is the quality of the surface, the amount of light in the room, and individual taste. Gloss paint do accentuate imperfection, but also save on energy consumption. They reflect light, so you can lower to wattage of the bulb you are using and get the same amount of light. Dark flat paints absorb the light so you have to increase the wattage. Just something in addition to consider. Think Green.

    To paint over semi-gloss paint, do I really need to sand before the primer?

    I'm going to re-paint a couple of bathrooms that are currently painted with semi-gloss paint. Can I just put primer over the semi-gloss or do I really need to sand?To paint over semi-gloss paint, do I really need to sand before the primer?
    I don't sand it in a major way, I just go over it quickly with one of those sponge/sandpaper things

    The main thing is make sure there's no oil or soap on the surface.

    That 1.2.3. stain block is the best primer I've ever used. I've even painted over glossy surfaces and ceramic tiles.To paint over semi-gloss paint, do I really need to sand before the primer?
    You can just put on the primer let it dry and they paint on your base coat. I usually repaint the interior of my house at least once every 18 months -- get bored of the current color. I just apply a primer and then the next day apply the base coat. I like Behr sold in Home Depot it really does a great job covering. I used to use Glidden (it was cheaper) but then I had to apply several coats to cover the walls. With the Behr its just one coat of primer and one coat of base coat.
    there are some primers that are heavy duty enough for it but it would be better to give the wall a quick sand with a fine grain sandpaper. It will give you a cleaner end coat
    All you need to do is wipe the wall down with TSP solution, available in the paint department of home improvement stores. Wear rubber gloves too!
    Don't need to prime or sand, just wipe on some gloss cutter sold at home centers. Just sanding with 150 grit sandpaper will get you there too.
    If you purchase a good quality primer you can get away with priming without sanding. As far as sanding, it's not like what is necessary when hanging drywall, you just need to lightly rub sandpaper over the surface of the wall - not too much effort exerted, really.

    But, at least do primer, I know people who've put on paint over semi-gloss and had the new paint virtually slide down the wall. The previous owners of my home did this in the bathroom - what a mess!

    I've had several people recommend 1-2-3 by Zinsser as a primer and it worked well for me. Covered dark blue walls without a second thought and then I covered it with a light color.
    Rather than buy a product like gloss cutter, use a kitchen pan cleaner, the scouring type. That's enough to get a key into paint. I prefer to sand (Or rather to aluminium oxide on a roll paper) to ensure I get a mirror finish.
    Yes, put a primer on the wall if you do not want the shine to come through. Primer, also make it so you do not have to put two coats of paint on the wall.

    I personal use all kelly moore paints.

    How to draw on gloss pvc bag?

    Hi, i have this gloss pvc bag that i want tot customisr for a friend birthday are there any markers or ink or anything that u guys suggest that i can use and it will not colour run or something.. thanks!How to draw on gloss pvc bag?
    Use pens with an alcohol base - OHP pens are ideal for this. other spirit based ';permanent '; markers should work too. Try different makes before doing the whole design.How to draw on gloss pvc bag?
    How about colored duct tape? You can cut it into shapes and strips to spell out words.


    What's the best way to prepare for painting with gloss?

    The wood i am painting is already painted with gloss. How much do i need to sand? (Im a lazy DIYer).What's the best way to prepare for painting with gloss?
    DO NOT put comet on your wood!!!!!!!!!!!!! get some sanding sponges and sand it down to get the shine out. the sanding sponge works well because it is easy to hold and is flexible to get into the grooves.What's the best way to prepare for painting with gloss?
    You need only to sand enough to remove the glossy finish not the paint and and any imperfections in the old finish. Make sure you remove any sanding residue before painting
    You can quickly knock down the gloss with comet and a sponge.

    Or get a primer that adheres to gloss.
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