Monday, November 30, 2009

How do I get black gloss paint off a carpet?

I just had my new charcole grey carpet layed today and while moving recently painted furniture back into the room I've managed to to drag black gloss paint accross the carpet. Please help, I think I'm going to cry.How do I get black gloss paint off a carpet?
white spirit i have used it in the past, and its the cheapest option. That will put a smile back on ur face.How do I get black gloss paint off a carpet?
contact a carpet shampooer asap because they clean it proffesionally and it'll look great. till then leave it, because you don't wanna make it worse and the guy might even give you some tips. thats what i did when i dropped a massive dollop of chocolate brown on my cream carpet and it looks as good as new.

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since your carpet is brand new, i'd say call a professional cleaner in asap. if it was older i'd try petrol on it, that removes paint but shouldnt harm the colour. then you steam it to get rid of petrol smell, when dry sprinkle with bicarb of soda and vacuum.

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Goof Off 2. You can find it at any hardware store and it's water based and doesn't harm the carpet.
get hold of some graffiti remover soften the paint with that then clean off with a solution of sugar soap
wow u cant!

so so so sorry
ooh that sucks

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